What Are the Top 10 Space-Saving Bathroom Organizers for Small Bathrooms?
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What Are the Top 10 Space-Saving Bathroom Organizers for Small Bathrooms?

Organizing a small bathroom is a challenge in itself. There are no square cabinets to slip in your essentials or organized hangers to hang your dresses. According to a recent study, around 60% of new homes that have been built in the last few decades have bathrooms that are smaller than 100 square feet. As our living spaces become more compact, the need for organization rises, especially in bathrooms. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 small bathroom organizers that are not just like any other organizer but will also add a touch of elegance and luxury to your bathroom. 

1. Woven Storage Organizer: Instead of throwing things in drawers unorganized, try keeping them organized with the use of woven storage organizers. Keep your things in separate organizers for more smooth and easy access. The woven storage organizer is one of the best small bathroom organizers that are available on Kookee. You can use it to store your beauty products, cosmetics, and many other bathroom essentials. 

2. Toothbrush Holder: Is your bathroom too small and does not have adequate storage space? You can buy bathroom organizers from Kookee. One of the best bathroom organizers for small spaces is a toothbrush holder. You can use a toothbrush holder to keep your sink clutter free. 

3. Plastic Corner Rack: The corners of your bathrooms are full of storage possibilities. Attach Kookee’s wall mounted multi function self adhesive palstic corner racks to your bathroom and add a touch of elegance. With the help of this small bathroom organizer, you can organize and keep your small bathroom essentials in it, such as oil bottles, razors, and more.  

4. Adhesive Hooks: Trying to find the perfect small bathroom organizer? Here it is. Look at your shower corners to see if your small bathroom has a waterfall shower head and you are unable to install a shower caddy or if you just want more storage in addition to your shower caddy! 

Adhesive hooks can be used behind your bathroom doors to provide you with space inside. You can use them to keep your tools, like a hairdryer or straightener. Yes, you heard it right. These modern hooks are not only used to hang your clothes but also your grooming tools. 

5. Hanging Baskets: Are you thinking of adding a few plants or hanging decorations to your small bathroom but still confused about how it is possible in this small bathroom? Then you should try hanging baskets. These hanging baskets are a win win if you want to use them as a plant holder or a bathroom essential holder. They are small and easy to manage. 

6. Shelf Storage: Forget about under sink storage for your beauty products and follow this smart organization tip. If you too are low on space, consider placing this piece of shelf over your sink or side by side with your mirror to make more room for your beauty essentials. Add a woven storage organizer and organize your beauty products smartly. 

7. No drill Hangers: Extra space on the towel bar works perfectly as a no drill hanger. This underutilized piece of hardware may be utilized to create a towel-bar bathroom storage caddy that is ideal for storing lotion, shampoo, or conditioner.

8. Install Floating Shelves: No, we are not talking about magical shelves, but we are asking you to utilize your over the toilet area. In a small bathroom every inch counts and adding one or two shelves over your toilet might help you store your bathroom essentials like towels and toilet papers

9. Mount Magnetic Strips: Adhesive magnetic strips are the talk of the town. You can paste them inside a cabinet or at the side of a small bathroom storage counter to keep track of your bobby pin and hair ties. This megnatic strip will keep your metal pins attached to it forever or until you need them again. 

10. Shower Curtains: Turn your bathroom shower curtains into more storage. Order a shower curtain with pockets to hang your bathroom essentials on your curtain and save ample shelf space in your small bathroom. Shower curtains are one of the smaller bathroom organizers.


There are too many options to organize your small bathroom, and doing this gives many benefits to a small bathroom. If you want to have a relaxing shower, then organize your small bathroom now. With Our Best Organizers from Kookee and discover easy ways to get a clutter free bathroom with Bathroom Organizers.