Borosilicate Glass Bong Hookah Shisha Smoke Water Pipe Bowl Ice Catcher Set Tobacco Beaker Height - 26.5cm, Games of Thornes Print, Transparent Blue

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Glass Bong is one of those antique and iconic bong that is perfect as an all rounder. The bong is Medium height and has an Ice Catcher to hold the ice for your smooth rip. It is a reasonable and affordable glass bong for those who love bong hits and also easily get bored with their regular smoking pipes. The pipe has an aesthetic look with the print all over the clear glass. An Ice Catcher is attached just above the bulbous water chamber for a dense and smooth hit. We promise you Bong will be the best one in your Smoking Collection.
These Ice catchers are a pinched formation inside glass bong that holds ice and makes your every smoke smooth and light. It even helps in avoiding the spilling of water while taking each rip and lets you inhale more smoke.

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