Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers Set with tray for Dining Table (9985)

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Simple but impressive reasons to buy this product:
Our glazed clay salt and pepper shakers are unique, cool, decorative ways to store your everyday spices in a mini container.
Perfect as collectibles, these rustic bottle like shakers add colourful yet contemporary touch for a quirky kitchen.
Just drop a few grains of rice to avoid humidity inside your shaker. Unlike industrial looking, mechanical grinders, our traditional clay shakers deliver a more vintage, retro look.
High quality, modern and colourful - exclusively from City to Cottage. Gift your loved ones with these - exquisite present for either Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Women’s Day.
Playful styles bring the fiesta to your house with a huge selection of versatile basics from our fine, casual and a little bit different pottery range.
Homemade, handcrafted handicraft homespun ceramics, and earthenware crockery will transform your house to home, from city to cottage.
Handmade and painted, our salt and pepper shakers are created and designed with caring hands to ensure our products have high quality and individuality.
Shop our traditional hand painted and carefully glazed pottery straight from the manufacturer and decorate your dining room and kitchen with functional, locally produced cookware.

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