Metal Tin Car Ashtray Bucket for Smokers (9774)

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Are you a smoker that remembers when every car had a car cigarette ashtray? Sadly, smoking accessories are hard to find nowadays. However, with the Ash Bucket, you dont have to use makeshift butt buckets anymore. The Ash Bucket is a wonderful car ashtray for any car. With Ash Bucket butt buckets, you can easily put out cigarettes in seconds and help contain smoke and ashes, remove odors and keep butts out of sight with this durable plastic extinguishing car cigarette ashtray butt bucket. The Ash Bucket single hole design allows you to extinguish your cigarettes while containing the undesirable ash smell. The convenient slide on lid has three indented cigarette holders. As you smoke, you can put your ashes in the hole and not have them fly all over the car. Take them anywhere and quickly and easily clean them out. They can hold a half pack of cigarettes before you need to clean them out. You will also have peace of mind that you are reducing the harm of second hand smoke. You dont have to throw your cigarettes out of the window and litter anymore. The Ash Bucket is also great as an office gift for your friends that smoke, or simply to use in your home. These portable ashtrays are also great to bring with you to the beach so you have somewhere to safely and cleanly put out your cigarette butts. Simply carry it with you from the car to the beach to use as a butt bucket ashtray. It is a portable cigarette ashtray that can be used anywhere. Give as an office smoking gift, use as a patio or deck ashtray, at home or simply as a car or truck ashtray bucket. Having an outdoor backyard party? Buy a bunch of Ash Buckets and put them out for your guests that smoke. The uses are truly endless. Receive two high quality Ash Bucket car cigarette ashtray butt buckets with each order. Use one as a car garbage can and one for cigarettes. Each ashtray is approximately 4 1/4" tall and the diameter of the lid is 3 1/8". Bottom diameter is 2 3/8".

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